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It's Fucking Impossible to Stay Healthy

My college physical life was a bit strange. I worked out(weights) nearly every day, except that I basically didn’t move from my chair at any other point in time. Food was a block away, and I nearly never went to class. The few times I did, I would use an electric scooter. It wasn’t like I was a health nut, but I generally kept my weight between 175-180lb as a 6'0 male.

It’s been 3 months since I started my full time desk job. The work-life balance isn’t terrible, but not great either. I generally get in around 7:30 AM and leave by 6-7. A bit earlier than the standard I think, but not overall not terrible.

It’s fucking impossible to stay healthy.

Through some miracle, I’ve kept enough discipline to shove in 20-30 minute workout sessions about 3-4 times a week. I have to keep them short, but I purposely keep them intense. I think I managed to not significantly lose my strength, but I definitely am not improving. My weight crept up to a 182, which I normally wouldn’t care about but I suspect it’s currently a one-way drift.

But any time food is concerned, I become hungry. I used to be fine with a Chipotle bowl, but these days I’m craving Five Guys or Papa Johns, something much more greasy and full than what I ever had the taste for. Throughout my life, these cravings have gone away when I ate something and satiated my hunger, but even after meals I find myself hungry.

It’s also slowly, but surely harder getting harder to even work out. When I come home, I just want to collapse on the bed and click or tap around until I fall asleep. I love my job and going into work every day, but it’s absolutely true that it drains me to a large extent.

I’d appreciate any thoughts.